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I suffered the debilitating effects of pollen for over 22 years. I took antihistamines daily and sometimes that didn't help. It impacted by day to day life so much and I often felt exhausted. On 2nd April 2020 I tried an essential oil blend and since that I have not had to take one anti-histamine. It has been truly life changing for me. 

—Steph, Bath, UK

Hey, We are JESS & TEResa

We are Australian sisters, one in the Adelaide Hills and one in Wiltshire, UK. We have been using essential oils for 4 years and can't imagine  life without them. We know they'll have in impact in your life and can't wait for you to try them!

Teresa says "My favourite oil lately, has been Copaiba. It really helps me to sleep more deeply and calms down my nervous system. I love how much it helped my Dad with his sore knees as well. Just 3 drops rubbed in his knees would help for more than a day." 

Jess loves cooking with essential oils - especially raw chocolates and her favourites are Wild Orange and Peppermint.

"My autistic son would need melatonin to sleep and since using essential oils he is getting to sleep faster, having a better quality of sleep and waking up less hyper and more relaxed.  This has literally changed our families lives."

—Faith | birmingham, Uk