Raw chocolate

We LOVE playing around with recipes to create tasty healthy food!One of our favourites is raw chocolate from scratch!!  We'd love to share our fave recipe with you! 

Basic Raw Chocolate

180g raw cacao butter (roughly chopped into 1-2cm pieces)
70g raw cacao powder
90g raw honey or pure maple syrup (70g of powdered xylitol)
1 tsp vanilla bean paste, extract or powder
pinch of  good quality fine salt
A couple of drops of therapeutic grade essential oils to taste. (optional)

Conventional Method:

Ensure all equipment is dry before the ingredients are added as water can cause mixture to separate.Finely cut cacao butter and melt gently in a saucepan. Stir over low heat until melted.  For a gentler approach, place cacao butter into a glass bowl over a pan over water on a  low heat.Once melted add the cacao powder and sweetener of choice and continue stirring until combined.  Add vanilla, pinch of salt and essential oils if using.Remove from heat, and pour into silicone molds or ice cube trays.

Thermomix Method:

Place roughly chopped cacao butter into TMX bowl and mill 15 seconds/speed 8.Melt cacao butter, 6 mins / 37 degrees/ sp2. Stop half way through to scrape down as necessary until cacao butter is completely melted. Add remaining ingredients except the essential oil and cook  again 8 mins/37degrees/ sp1Add essential oil if using and Mix  10 secs Sp 5 at the end to fully combine honey/ maple syrup so choc sets nicely.  Pour into moulds.Place into freezer immediately so it doesn’t separate.

Order your Thermomix today to make raw chocolate a breeze! 

Ask us about flavouring your raw chocolate with essential oils!

Home made local honey marshmallows coloured with beetroot powder! 

Home made jellies  covered in home made chocolate!