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Hi, this is Teresa here. I'm the Big Sis of Nourish Sisters. 

I would like to share my personal story of why I chose doTERRA.

For me three key words come to mind. Purity, potency and integrity. 

While researching which oils I wanted to use, I asked alot about the sourcing.  This is because I have worked for 20 years as a specialists in responsible sourcing, working for major fashion brands, jewellery brands, food brands, supermarkets and charities such as the FAIRTRADE Foundation.

Designing and executing large scale ethical sourcing programmes was what I did for a living.  My largest project which I directed was to assess 1000 tea gardens in 10 countries over 5 years with a team of 50 people working for me. I am just saying this, so you know, that I know, ethical sourcing and that it matters to me so much I made it my career.

So while I knew I wanted oils in my life,  I didn’t know if doTERRA was the right brand for me, so I decided to do alot of research online but also to attend a range of doTERRA events and ask others why they had chosen doTERRA. 

I remember asking someone in a coffee break why they choose doTERRA and they talked about how doTERRA would go to the place in the world, where the therapeutic content of that particular oil was the greatest, even if that meant going an additional 3 hours by foot into the Andes to source at a higher altitude because that was where the most potent sources were.

I also looked at the doTERRA website and read about all the testing that is done. It explains how each doTERRA essential oil is also carefully and thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol.  I didn’t understand what all the tests were, if I am honest, but that's OK with me. I could see there were extensive tests, and they were done on EVERY SINGLE BATCH of oil. In fact, on the bottom of each bottle you can look at an ID number and enter that number into the sourcetoyou.com website and it can tell you about all the testing and sourcing for that particular bottle of oil.

As someone who is detoxing from heavy metals I was also pleased to see that the testing ensures that there are NO impurities, so that means no heavy metals or pesticides.  They also test extensively to make sure the oil is what it is meant to be. As unfortunately in the oils industry there are many who will try to add synethics and fillers etc to oils to increase their profit margins. It is because of all these tests and the purity that many of these oils can be ingested.  

I also looked at the way in which doTERRA works with the suppliers.  I could see that they had co-impact sourcing initiatives and that reassured me at the time that they were doing good work working collaboratively with suppliers.

However, when I heard Dave Sterling the CEO talk about their sourcing initiatives around Frankincense in Somalia and how by cutting out the middlemen, and setting up a sorting warehouse facility where they sort by quality grade the Frankincense up in the remote mountainous region where it is sourced that they increased the money the families harvesting received by 10 X, I was absolutely gob smacked. In my 20 years of working in ethical trade I have never heard of any responsible sourcing initiative that increased the harvesters income by anything like that. I am not sure I have even heard  of double.  In addition, by doing this, doTERRA is able to take only the best/top quality grade resins at point of harvest and send the rest to the port town for other brands, a win for the doTERRA consumer.  

For the environment, the Boswelia tree is often over harvested, because the harvesters have been so poor, which can result in the trees actually dying. There are no other industries or ways to earn income in this remote area, so without that the families are in big trouble and need to leave the region and move to the city, with no skills. You can guess the rest right.   So, by paying the harvesters a decent, fair income, 10 x what they were getting the trees are also being protected as there isn’t such a need to over harvest. In addition, doTERRA have been working with an environmental charity to work in the area on education and other initiatives to ensure trees are not over harvested. 
I have also noticed that when I share these oils, with people who are really familiar with and have used oils for many years, they notice the difference immediately. In fact, a friend of mine in healing said to me when she smelt the Frankincense, that it was ‘incomparable’.  This really meant alot to me and reassured me even more that I had made the right decision.
You can read more on doTERRA’s website about the testing process and the co-impact sourcing here and watch a 5 min video here.

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